"Funky Yellow Bus is a great read for the child in all of us! Told from the voice of a first-time, bus-riding kindergartener, it shares the anxiety we all may feel when experiencing change. The colorful, energetic illustrations and rhythmic tale turn a fearful bus ride into a creative, musical adventure where new friends are made. This book teaches many important life lessons on appreciating individuality, the power of collaborative music and embracing the journey of life. I can't help but tap my foot and smile while singing this story to my six and eight year old sons!"

Michelle Sammon
College Professor/Mother

"I have been a music educator of young children for 35 years. I also have 4 grandchildren of my own. It has been my observation that children usually view new situations with apprehension. The first day of Kindergarten and that first ride on the school bus are always a big transition for a child.

In Funky Yellow Bus, Robin Rosenberg finds a way to make this experience one that is fun and uplifting through the universal language of music.
Tapping and clapping always seem to put a smile on a child's face.

The book is well written and beautifully illustrated. It is a great story to read to children to help prepare them for their big first day of school.”

Tami Levy, Director
Dix Hills Piano Studio

"Wow! Wow! Wow! The author and illustrator nailed it! Funky Yellow bus
has to be one of the most fun, creative books available to our young
readers facing the challenges of climbing on the bus for the first
time. I am so excited to gift this book to friends and my children's
school. I am still tapping my feet to the funky beat of the Funky
Yellow Bus!"

Maureen McCarthy Tracy
Senior Account Executive, Northland
Communications and Mother of two

"What a fun way to introduce the idea of taking on a new adventure! Funky Yellow Bus is a wonderful book for preschoolers and school age kids alike. My 4 and 6 year old girls both love the rhythmic prose, as they were smiling through the entire book. The illustrations are bright, cheerful, expressive and really held their attention. The author speaks directly to the minds of children in a language they can easily relate to. Even my seven month old was smiling and clapping to the beat of the book! This book is refreshing and different and enjoyable for all ages... I highly recommend it!"

Dana Intravaia
Mother of Three

"I love this book!! I can't wait to share it with my friends. My
favorite part is when Brookie wasn't so happy about the bus, but then
she discovered that the bus ride wasn't so bad. Today was not so great
on the bus for me. I was picked on by the boys because I have fancy
pink and purple new snow boots. They thought they were 80's style.
But, I didn't think so. The bus can be hard sometimes. OK time for me
to finish my homework and get my PJ's on in time for a book. Maybe we
will read Funky Yellow Bus tonight!!"

7 years old