The Book, the Author and the Illustrator

Robin Rosenberg, a stay-at-home-mom-turned-author, takes her role as mom very seriously. “As parents, we strive to successfully teach our children all of life’s important lessons,” Rosenberg says. She transforms that common childhood fear of the school bus into an exciting musical journey in her latest children's book, Funky Yellow Bus. Rosenberg, who previously authored Brookie Cookie Bookie - a children's book about accepting differences - teamed up with talented artist and illustrator, Bernie Freytag, who brilliantly brings the Funky Yellow Bus to life. 

Freytag, who resides in Clinton, NY, enjoys a successful career as Creative Director at Romanelli Communications, an advertising agency in central New York. “I was particularly excited about this project because I’ve always had a love and appreciation for music, which made creating the illustrations truly genuine,” Freytag says.His artwork,which has always been whimsical and fun, is a natural fit for the books message.

Both Rosenberg and Freytag are excited about their collaboration, as it seems to strike a chord with their mutual love for music and individuality. They sincerely hope Funky Yellow Bus will inspire adults and children alike to face their own fears head on.